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Help Tony Raise Funds for Stem Cell Treatment


Hi, I'm Tony,

   And I desperately need your help.  Let me tell you my story. Please, take just a minute to read it.

  About a year and a half ago I was on the way to visit my Aunt Sue across town.  Aunt Sue was dying from cancer and I was going to meet my mother there.  I was 20 at the time; was unemployed and my car had broken down causing me to have to catch a ride and thus, running late.  Before I could get there my mother called me to tell me that my Aunt was weak, tired and had fallen off to sleep.  She asked where I was and when I told her she said she would meet me at a restaurant down the street to give me a few bucks to get something to eat and for transportation to look for a job.

  When I arrived at the restaurant and was entering the door I was shot 5 times in the back by an unknown assailant.  The police and ambulance were called and my mother, who was inside already, came out and held my head in her lap until the ambulance arrived.  There were no witnesses and to this day no one knows who the assailant or what his agenda was.  The paramedics determined that I needed to be medivaced and they called for a helicopter which took me from Lancaster, SC to Charlotte, NC.  The doctors there determined that one of the bullets hit me in the face; one in the arm, and the others in the back with one severing my spinal cord in the lower back thereby paralyzing me; making me  a paraplegic for life.

  My Aunt Sue talked with me on the phone when I first arrived at the Charlotte hospital and told me how sorry she was that she did not get to see me and that this had happen.  I told her what the doctors had said about my condition.  She said to keep my chin up and that she was going to pray for me.  I was thinking to myself at the time that I really needed to be praying for her.  Then she proceeded to tell me about stem cell research and all of the wonderful things it could do.  She said she had seen testimony where it had cured multiple sclerosis, Lupus, severe burns, arthritis, cancer and in particular, spinal cord injuries. She had just come home to die after living in Washington, DC for the last 50 years or so and said she had read a lot on the subject and consulted with some doctors in that area.  She said she didn't have the money to pursue the stem cell cure and now it was too late for her but made me promise her that I would pursue it even if it took a lifetime.  I promised her that I would.  She died a couple of days later and I felt badly that because I was still recovering in the hospital, I was unable to attend her funeral.

  However, a promise is a promise and I not only need to be able to do this for her, I need to be able to do it for myself.   I want to be able to walk again and it is the only hope I have.  I have spoken with a couple of doctors from different stem cell medical centers; In particular, I have spoken with doctors from the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama and been examined by a renown doctor in the Washington, DC area who indicated that it is the only hope I have of walking again.  As such, I have also included different stem cell websites for your perusal to give you a better understanding as to where they are with the technology and how they can help me and others with disabilities and/or disorders.  The Stem Cell Institute has informed me that I would need about $30,000 for treatment at their center.  I have no funds and no way of obtaining them except by the help of you and others who can feel my pain and suffering. That's why I need your help.  Whether you can contribute $200, $100, $20 or $10, any amount would be appreciated.  It would also be appreciated if you would ask your friends, relatives, neighbors and church members to read this and contribute if they would.  Once I start receiving help from all of the good folks out there I will keep everyone apprised of the amount of funds raised by an indicator here on this website. 

  You can contribute below using PAYPAL (when it is set up) or you may make out your check or money order to "Help Tony Singleton" and mail it right away to P.O. Box 1765, Clinton, MD 20735-1765.  Again thank you and God bless you!


Stem Cell Centers:    (website for the Stem Cell Institute)

Pictures of me before Assault


Pictures of me after Assault